Yasmine Dar • Huda Elmi • Rachel Garnham • Ann Henderson • Jon Lansman • Navendu Mishra • Claudia Webbe • Darren Williams

A team of Corbyn-supporters is standing for election for Labour's National Executive Committee (NEC), and they need your support.

Team Corbyn supported Jeremy Corbyn from the start and want to represent you on Labour's powerful NEC. They'll make sure we take Labour's transformative 2017 manifesto into government, and will support Jeremy's democratisation of the Labour Party.

Don't let us go back to the days of the NEC trying to prevent Jeremy from standing as leader, or forcing new members to pay £25 to vote.

You should have received an email ballot from “The Labour Party”,, with the subject "Labour Party – Summer Elections 2018".  Read more by clicking the photos below, and please let us know you're backing them to save our volunteers from calling you, help us campaign more effectively and keep in touch. Thank you!

Note: National Policy Forum (NPF) elections are also ongoing - see here for the pro-Corbyn candidates.

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